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Systems of Diffusion

Different Types of Diffuser Systems.

How to make the selection

Key Parameters

  • Ozone dosage

  • Water quality

  • Space available (dimensions of contact chamber)

  • Water level

  • Application

diffusers how to make a selection

Dome diffusers

  • Mass-transfer rate >90%

  • Homogeneous bubble formation

  • Highly resistant ceramic material

  • Extreme stability over long service periods

  • Easy installation

  • Maintenance-free

  • Widely accepted technology

Bubbles and Foam
dome diffuser close up
dome diffusers

Radial diffusers

  • High ejection energy

  • Homogeneous distribution

  • High operation flexibility

  • Compact system; reduced footprint

  • Easy operation

  • No risk of clogging

  • Minimum maintenance

  • Long lifetime

Bubbles and Foam
radial diffuser no risk of clogging
radial diffuser in situ

Static Mixers

static mixer image
static mixer cross section image

Injection nozzles

injection nozzle
injection nozzle component


injector apperatus

Transfer efficiency

  • Gas transfer

  • Ozone dissolution

  • Ozone efficiency

  • Key parameters

Bubbles and Foam
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