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Ultraviolet – UV

Products and Services.

What Curio offer

Curio are a UV disinfection equipment specialist company, with a vast amount of experience in the water treatment industry. We provide an unrivalled level of customer service.

We are dedicated to using the experience, resources, and contacts we have gathered over 20 years of trading to offer our customers the service that best suits their UV requirements. Today, we provide UV systems mainly for the disinfection of municipal wastewater.


In combination with our Ozone systems, we can also offer UV products for other applications.

Why does wastewater need to be treated?

The final step in municipal wastewater treatment is the inactivation process which is required to reduce microorganism populations in the wastewater before discharge into the receiving body of water. These microorganisms are typically microbes that may cause disease in humans, which must be treated before the wastewater is discharged to a lake or river. There are often recreational activities such as swimming or fishing where the public can come into contact with the local bodies of water. By reducing the concentration of microorganisms in the water, treatment is able to benefit the public.


Growing awareness of potential long-term negative impacts of chemical treatment of wastewater along with the generation of toxic byproducts has led to the adoption of treatment alternatives such as ultraviolet light (UV).


There are thousands of municipal installations throughout the world – these installations include municipal drinking water and wastewater applications and help municipalities achieve their water quality objectives and serve more than one billion people globally.

Environmentally safe and effective on a wide range of pathogens

Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection is environmentally safe and recognized as highly effective on a wide range of pathogens, including viruses.

Our UV Products

Our extensive range of Aquaray products are ideally suited for municipal and industrial applications.

  • Effective against bacteria, viruses, and protozoan pathogens

  • Environmentally friendly & chemical free

  • No disinfection by-products

  • Not affected by pH, temperature

  • Easy maintenance and operation

  • Aquaray Hi Cap UV System

  • Aquaray 40 Ho

  • Aquaray 3 X

  • Aquaray S Horizontal open channel UV disinfection system

Through our collaboration with Veolia, we design and build bespoke UV systems, by retrofitting using this methodology the aging plants can be up graded without the necessity of extensive civil works with channels being out for long periods, they will fit into the existing open channel UV footprint.


Aquaray Hi Cap UV System

Over 20% of the wastewater treatment plants in North America use UV disinfection technology. The use of UV is growing due to its inherent safety as a non-chemical process, its ability to inactivate a wide range of harmful microorganisms, and its cost and maintenance advantages.


Aquaray 40Ho

The Aquaray 40HO vertical lamp ultraviolet disinfection system has been designed to provide disinfection for wastewater plants within a small footprint. The germicidal effect of the UV light inactivates most micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses and parasites, while eliminating the need for dangerous chemicals.


Aquaray 3 X

The Aquaray 3X high-output vertical lamp ultraviolet disinfection system has been designed to provide disinfection for larger wastewater plants within a small footprint.


Aquaray S Horizontal open channel UV disinfection system

The Veolia Aquaray S is the new generation of Aquaray horizontal UV disinfection equipment incorporating the latest electronic ballast and communication technology with powerful long-lasting low pressure high output lamps.

Channel Partnership

Curio Group are extremely proud to be the excusive Channel Partner and distributor of world leading Ozonia Products OEM provider Ozonia Products (Veolia).

This partnership of over 15 years  provides Curio Group and its clients exclusive access and support for legacy, current and future technologies from Veolia Water treatment technologies.


Why Choose Curio Water as your Partner?

“Our mission is to shape a better future by delivering the solutions and dedication that our customers will thrive on."

Howard Marles – CEO & Founder

Brave thinking.

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