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Tailored training packages

What Curio offer

We can offer our customers fully tailored training packages to various levels of requirement.


Our training packages range from oxygen and ozone awareness training to detailed operator and maintenance training tailored to your specific environment.​


We like nothing more than to share our passion and expertise, helping organisations and individuals develop their own knowledge in a number of different areas. Curio Water have drawn on all our in-house expertise and experience to produce a range of online and in-person group training packages that are structured to offer different levels of specialisation for different industries.


Training is customised to suit our client’s requirements and is 100% focused on delivering the best technical content with the most adequate methodology to reach the desired audience. ​

Oxygen and Ozone Awareness Training​

Some of the courses we have developed for the water treatment industry:​

  • Oxygen and Ozone Awareness Training​

  • Ozone Health and Safety Training​

  • Maintenance and Service Training​

  • Operational and Control Training​

  • Refresher Training

Oxygen & Ozone Awareness Training ​

We understand how crucial it is for our clients onsite teams to be aware of their ozone facilities in operating the units safely, operating to an optimal level and also in maintaining and servicing of these facilities.


Our Curio Oxygen and Ozone Awareness Training offers our client base the opportunity to learn more about ozone, the generation / application of ozone within the water cleaning process and also how to manage ozone safely onsite. The training is tailor-made to contain the all the relevant information about the equipment our clients have on site – so it is all familiar to their operators and engineers, no margin for misinterpretation.​

  • Knowledge and understanding is key to the robust and economical operation of your plants​

  • Enhancing our customers operational safety​

  • Site teams benefit from refresher training​

  • We want to share our knowledge with our customer as together we are stronger​

  • Structured mixture of safety, operation and maintenance presented in an easy interactive way​

  • Empowering and encouraging engagement with your teams by always welcoming questions and debate​

  • Facility for online training ​

  • Tailored modules to suite all your team members

Brave thinking.

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