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Who are Curio Water?

Curio Water is a long-standing Ozone, UV and Filtration Service Provider to the water industry. We have over 30 years’ worth of experience globally in water treatment applications.

Our mission is to shape a better future by delivering the solutions and dedication that our customers will thrive on”​


Howard Marles – CEO ​

We are also a provider of Service & Maintenance functions for new and existing ozone equipment and a supplier of OEM equipment to ozone industry clients.​

• Municipal Water Drinking ​

• Municipal Water Waste​

• Pharmaceutical ​

• Industrial Applications  ​

• Commercial ​

• Pilot Plant​

Our engineering team offer our customers collectively over 60 years’ direct practical, experience in the application design, service, and maintenance of ozone within the drinking water industry. This engineering team has a wealth of experience based not only in the UK municipal water industry but also globally.

We are extremely proud to say that our engineers have partnered, consulted, and worked directly with most of the key UK water industry companies and indeed some of the largest drinking water providers globally.​ Our core engineering team when representing VEOLIA were responsible for some of the largest, cutting-edge onsite ozone applications projects that were delivered globally. They played key roles in the originally design / application, delivery, installation, and commissioning of these projects.


The team has also been responsible for the delivery of extensive Capital projects here in the UK.  A recent example of this is the design and delivery of Yorkshire Waters new Ozone M Class Ozone generation system at one of their strategic sites under the current framework agreement. They are the first UK water utility to now have this brand-new technology.  

Curio's approach

  • We can offer our customers a wealth of knowledge and experience through our inhouse management team and onsite engineering teams ​

  • We consider your plants as our own​

  • We can manage and coordinate the ozone work for you​

  • We listen to you​

  • We are flexible, adjusting our service to your needs​

  • We are professionals in our field creating a friendly, approachable and healthy environment on site​



We are extremely passionate about this industry, and we always look to partner with our customer to provide them with the very best level of service.


To this end The Curio Group Engineering Team always provide our customers with highly skilled and experienced resources at every level in our structure and by working through a genuine partnership we can deliver an extremely comprehensive service with unique benefits.



  • Design and build of ozone and UV applications​

  • Pilot plant facilities​

  • Consultancy​

  • Tailored site auditing​

  • Optimisation of existing ozone plants​

  • Tailored servicing and maintenance​

  • Comprehensive training packages​

  • Bespoke manufacturing​

  • 24 hour coverage​

  • Real time monitoring of our customers assets​

  • Sourcing of parts and accessories ​

  • Ozone plant refurbishment and replacement ​

  • Optimisation of UV applications 


Why Choose Curio Group?​

“We’re visionaries, big thinkers who see the world differently, developing solutions  that no one else can. Striving for perfection, we embrace the boldest ideas and welcome every challenge as a chance to think big.​

For us, every problem is a starting point, an opportunity to come up with an idea to influence the water industry.​

​With our passion and ambition, the possibilities are limitless“​

Howard Marles, CEO and Founder

Our in-house knowledge & experience

  • We understand that is crucial to have the appropriate level of knowledge and experience to successfully deliver and service or project.​

  • The Curio team are familiar with many UK sites and plant and take a certain degree of pride and ownership in their operation and performance.  We know how they work, we know their particular traits and characteristics.​

  • Our engineering team has extensive experience in working closely alongside major clients and their operative staff for many years.​

  • We pride ourselves in having un-rivalled experience in the use and application of Ozone, both in house and in partnership with Veolia.​

  • This partnership provides us with access not only to cutting-edge technology and the latest innovations/research, but also to extensive development resources and information.


  • We are extremely proud to be a forward-thinking, innovative company operating at the forefront of the global ozone industry​

  • We are the sole UK channel partners for Veolia, who are the recognised as one of the true market leaders globally in Ozone and its application in the water industry.​

  • As a result of our partnership and our own inhouse experience we can offer tailored, compact solutions for ozone generation.  This has the benefit of a smaller plant footprint, lower capital cost for buildings/enclosures with the addition of reduced OPEX​

  • Increased efficiency of individual components and systems which could improve overall plant efficiency​

  • As part of our research into VOD solutions and applications we are currently reviewing an existing system that we have designed / developed that we believe will allow for the regeneration of the catalytic component within a VOD. 

  • 24-hour access to the Curio Team who implicitly understand your technology and who have a vested interest in the success of your Works Programme.  

  • We can provide you with tried and tested ozone asset packages and a support structure which can be drawn on should any unexpected issues arise during the project delivery.  

  • Access to Veolia’s research and development team who are continually developing innovative solutions.  

  • Tailored service and maintenance packages to comprehensive support to protect and extend the life of your valuable assets, providing reduced whole life costs and delivering Value for Money  

Brave thinking.

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