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Micropollutant Removal
Neugut, Dubendorf

Ozone, UV and Membrane Systems


In spring 2014, the first continuous large scale ozonation system for the elimination of micropollutants in Switzerland was implemented at Neugut WWTP (Dubendorf).


Ozonia supplied the equipment for the plant and has since been working in close cooperation wityh the operator to continue optimising, exchanging information and analysing experience.

incoming water figures


ARA Neugut WWTP (Dubendorf).


The ARA Neugut wastewater treatment plant receives water from several of the nearby villages and is designed to treat up to 2,400 m3 /h.

Dübendorf, Switzerland is the 4th largest city in the Canton of Zurich and located just a few kilometers from the financial and economic metropolis of Zürich city. Since 2014, the 'Neugut' facility is the first in Switzerland to treat micropollutants. Neugut’s ability to treat micropollutants is due to a ozonation system which was supplied by OZONIA as a turnkey treatment stage.


The system includes ozone generation, dome diffusion, vent ozone destruction and instrumentation equipment. The Neugut plant is an innovative and forward looking solution which represents the reference standard for Switzerland to comply with the new regulation on micropollutant removal in wastewater treatment plants.

dome diffusers bubble rising
maximum flow 660 litres per second
wastewater from Neugut map
dome diffusers
treatment line diagram
concentration chart
costs image
Ozonation image
treatment performance image

Brave thinking.

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