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Servicing & Maintenance

Our inhouse service and maintenance capabilities.

A process within a process

We understand that Ozone plants are a process within a process and have many critical components sourced from many different manufactures e.g.​

  • Ozone generators​

  • Ozone destructors​

  • Control Systems – SCADA​

  • Gas detection and ventilation ​

  • Confined space entry and working ​

  • Compressors​

  • Pumps and valves​

  • Dosing and injection systems ​

  • Heat exchangers and Dryers​

  • Ozone concentration analysers​

  • Pressure and temperature instruments

What we offer

We fully understand ozone equipment and applications, therefore understanding their unique service and maintenance requirements.


We can tailor packages including full service agreements and assistance with the development of planned maintenance schedule. Our specialist services include : In-place cleaning (CIP) of heat exchangers, vessels and pipe work, control system reviews, pressure system testing support, contact tank cover and frame resealing, part sourcing and provision of secure stores and reuse and refurbishment of specialised parts.​


Our team will provide you with tailored service and maintenance packages to comprehensive support to protect and extend the life of your valuable assets, providing reduced whole life costs and delivering Value for Money ​


These service and maintenance packages are designed to ensure the long-term operability and efficiency of the ozone treatment plants are secured and optimised.​

Generator Refurbishment/Cleaning:


We offer full ozone generator cleaning and refurbishment. We have developed a special cleaning tool used alongside our environmentally friendly cleaning solution for outstanding and consistent results.​

Our Service and Maintenance ethos

  • We consider your plants as our own​

  • We manage and coordinate the ozone service and maintenance programme ​

  • We listen to you and understand your requirements

  • We are flexible, adjusting our service to your needs​

  • We are professionals in our field creating a friendly, approachable and healthy environment on site​

  • OEM trained and experienced engineers​

  • Timely response through local representation  and 24 hour support​

  • Lowest whole life cost proposals  ​​

For our design and build service please contact a member of our team and we will be happy to discuss your specific requirements.

Brave thinking.

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