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Filter Nozzles

The most effective drainage and filtration system


Filter nozzles are an integral part of the water treatment process, used in a variety of applications, including: drinking water; production of demineralized water; urban and industrial wastewater treatment; filtration of river or well water for irrigation; and water for swimming pools, etc.

We manufacture nozzles in a range of  models and sizes (varying by slot and thread size, thread length and nozzle length). Our nozzles are made of high quality polypropylene and produced in different colours according to their individual mechanical and chemical properties, and thermal resistance (Table 1).

Advice & expertise

We provide detailed advice on the model best suited to your operating conditions to ensure maximum operating life and durability.

Table 1:

Colour coded polypropylene nozzles for easy identification

SLOT SIZE (mm)                COLOUR   

0.2                                          White

0.3                                          Grey

0.4                                          Orange

0.5                                          Blue

1.0                                          Black

we manufacture nozzles in a range of models and sizes
filter nozzles are made of high quality polypropylene
filter nozzles are produced in different colours
filter nozzles
filter nozzles vary by slot and thread size


Although renowned as one of the best quality, thermoplastic resins, polypropylene has certain characteristics which must be considered:

  • A temperature tolerance up to a max. value of 70°C

  • Good abrasion resistance

  • Shockproof under normal operating temperatures (15-20° C) but does become more fragile at lower temperatures

  • Contact with drinking water and drinking liquids is permitted under current legislation

  • WRAS approved

Additional Services & Capabilities​

  • We can manufacture Filter nozzles in other materials on request

  • Other customization is available

  • Bespoke design and manufacture available. 



We pride ourselves on our independent status and have no loyalties to or vested interests in other companies in the industry.  We can therefore offer impartial advice, based on accurate, objective information and develop or manufacture solutions to drive greater operational efficiency, reduce failures and improve quality.

We are always happy to design a tailored and specific package of support and advice for individual clients – including in commercially sensitive areas.
Please contact us for more information.

Brave thinking.

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