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Exclusive partnership with Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions 

Water Technologies & Solutions Channel partner

  • We are particularly proud of our exclusive channel partnership with the globally leading OEM provider Veolia.​

  • Veolia is a global leader in the ozone market with more than 10,000 ozone systems worldwide and has over 40 years of experience in ozone applications.​

  • Veolia are also the industry leader in their pioneering micropollutant removal technology ​

  • The exclusive relationship was originally founded as our core engineering team historically represented Veolia directly and were responsible for some of the largest, cutting-edge onsite ozone application projects that were delivered globally. ​

  • Our engineers playing a key role in the original design / application, delivery, installation, and commissioning of these projects. ​

  • This exclusive partnership of over 20 years provides Curio group and our customers with exclusive access to their proven market leading ozone technology for micropollutants removal and disinfection.​

  • Curio have full access and support for legacy, current and future technologies including but not limited to:​

  • Industry leading product range ​

  • Ozonia support and replacement innovations ​

  • Veolia Water treatment technologies portfolio ​

  • With our long established partnership with Veolia, you can be assured that we can find the most suitable application for your requirements.

Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions Channel Partner
veolia ozonia m onsite ozone application projects
veolia ozonia m system

Brave thinking.

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