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Ozone & COD Colour Removal

Industrial Wastewater

South East Asia WWTP (ozonia® ozoneozonia® Ozone / H2O2AOP Solutions)



  • New regulations in Thailand required stringent COD discharge concentrations

  • Process goal to remove >60% COD

  • Client required additional contaminant removal

  • Removal of a specific (hard to remove) compounds the SUEZ solution

  • pH regulated ozonia® Ozone / H2O2AOP system

  • SUEZ process guarantees ozone production

  • 98% ozone transfer efficiency


Wastewater Treatment


  • 900 m3 / day

AOP Contact Method:

  • Side stream injection

Ozone dose:

  • Max 875 ppm (1stand 2ndstage)

  • 1:1 ratio (Ozone : H2O2)

Completion Date:

  • August 2015

Ozonia® AOP System

  • Ozone generators: 2 x ozonia® CFV-30 (45 kg/h)

  • LOX supply system: filter, LOX tank, vaporizer, gas supply

  • Nitrogen supply system: compressor, after cooler, refrigerant dryer, tank, adsorption dryer

  • 2 x contacting systems (including injection)

  • H2O2 dosing system: 1 tank, 2 feeding pumps benefits


  • Laboratory testing was completed in at the ozonia® ozone innovation centre in Zurich allowed efficient definition of solutions, dosing, and equipment needs

  • 2 stage AOP process combining O3 then O3 / H2O2 delivers optimum results

  • Lower CAPEX

waste water effluent diagram
  • Intelligent process design allows combination of both reaction pathways in the most cost-effective arrangement to lower operational costs (OPEX)

  • Hydroxyl radical reactions were required to break down the remaining refractory (hard to degrade)colour compounds & COD AOPs may serve as a polishing step in future

Brave thinking.

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