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Vent Ozone Destructors

Engineered for greater efficiency, designed specifically for your needs.

How VODs work

​Exhaust gases from ozone treatment processes usually contain residual unused ozone, at levels that can be as high as 2.5%wt. Before this gas can be vented to the atmosphere, it is necessary to destroy any remaining unreacted ozone since it is usually illegal to release even low-level concentrations to the environment (recognised safety limits are <0.1ppm).


Traditional thermal Vent Ozone Destructors (VODs) use heaters to increase the temperature of the gas to close to 400°C, drastically reducing the half-life of the ozone molecule and accelerating the rate of decomposition so ozone content decreases to acceptable levels.

Catalytic Destructors

In contrast, catalytic destructors provide a large surface area of a material that promotes the destruction of ozone at low temperatures. A small heater is still fitted to the inlet of the destructor to ensure that the (often water-saturated) offgas entering the VOD does not condense on the catalyst, but temperatures, energy use, size and costs are all significantly lower.


Additionally, there is no need to pre-heat the VOD to achieve the high destruction temperatures – increasing both energy savings and expensive plant start-up time.

catalytic VOD
thermal VOD

Key benefits

  • Individually designed for simple integration with your existing plant – significantly reducing site costs and risk

  • Veolia VODs are individually designed to integrate with your existing installation with minimum impact

  • Each Veolia VOD is specifically sized to the requirements of the existing process rather than selecting a unit from a standard range that may be less suitable

  • Arrangement of the Veolia VOD pipework and ancillaries is engineered discretely to align with existing pipework

  • Utilises existing fans – where these are suitably sized

  • No complex ozone plant control changes.

  • The Veolia VOD control works seamlessly with the existing destructor control panel – critical since destructors are fundamental to the operation of the plant

  • No need for significant changes to the existing pipework, electrical wiring or control panel means site / installation costs are significantly reduced

  • All parts in contact with the ozone manufactured from 316 stainless steel

  • The Veolia VOD uses a tried and tested industry standard catalyst with a long operating life to minimise service and maintenance costs

Energy efficiency is maximised

  • Less energy used for the heating as only low temperatures are required for the anti-condensation heating 

  • Low temperature in normal operation 

  • Destruction of the ozone occurs on the catalyst so does not require heat for destruction 

  • No energy wasted warming up the VOD


​Each Curio Ozone Destructor comes with the following component parts:​

  • Anti-condensation gas heater

  • Reactor chamber

  • Catalyst

  • Inlet and outlet connecting pipework

  • Control integration

  • Self-contained external thermal protect​

construction material chart

The following upgrades are also available:​

  • Outlet fan

  • Off gas valves

  • Vent gas monitoring

  • Control panel

Indicative Technical Specifications

Ozonia VOD Indicative Technical Specifications

Size and installation

Our Veolia VODs take up significantly less space than traditional VODs (up to 25% less in some cases) and are designed and engineered to fit easily into existing installations – with whichever orientation works best for the site.

Pricing and fitting

Each Veolia VOD is designed to your individual specification and to fit easily into your existing system. As a result, costs vary significantly but all prices include installation and full connection to all existing systems, including the controls.

We are confident that, taking into account the machine, site and installation costs (not to mention more efficient operational costs going forward) our Veolia VOD can offer savings compared to the cost of competitor systems.

vod unit


We pride ourselves on our independent status and have no loyalties to or vested interests in other companies in the industry. We can therefore offer impartial advice, based on accurate, objective information and develop or manufacture solutions to drive greater operational efficiency, reduce failures and improve quality.

We are always happy to design a tailored and specific package of support and advice for individual clients – including in commercially sensitive areas.
Please contact us for more information.

Brave thinking.

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