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Water Treatment Facility

State of the art technology.

The UK's first Water Treatment Facility to have a NEW Ozonia M Class Ozone Generator installed, housing the very latest state of the art technology.

veolia ozone unit

The Project Brief

  • Replacement of existing, obsolete plant​

  • 11,000 m3/h works flow @ up to 1.5 mg/l​

  • Duty/Standby units​

  • Ozone Production Required: 17 kg/h @ up to 12%​

  • Refurbishment of open loop cooling water system​

  • Removal of closed loop c/w equipment​

  • Replacement of obsolete compressors​

  • New control system​

  • Pipework, valve and instrument replacement​

  • Plant to remain operational throughout replacement works 


  • 2 No. Existing, obsolete Wedeco generators (installed 1997)​

  • xx,000 m3/h works flow @ x mg/l​

  • Ozone Production Capability: xx kg/h @ up to xx% ​

  • 1 unit inoperable​

  • Frequent failure of duty unit​

  • Serious risk to process capacity and water quality​

wedeco generator
wedeco generator inoperable


  • 2 x Ozonia M-16 units​

  • 11,000 m3/h works flow achievable at xx mg/l​

  • Integral PSU’s, reduced footprint and easier access​

  • Max Ozone Production Capacity: 17 kg/h @ up to 12% ​

  • Higher concentration = reduced oxygen usage​

  • Reduced cooling water flow​

  • Improved efficiency and reliability

veolia ozone production capability
veolia reduced footprint and easier access​
veolia Improved efficiency and reliability

Brave thinking.

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