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Radial Diffusers

Advantages and Types.


  • High ejection energy resulting in a good mixing/turbulence without dead zone

  • Homogeneous distribution of small bubbles to increase the exchange surface gas/liquid and then the transfer efficiency

  • High operation flexibility: from 0 to 100% gas flow, constant motive water flow

  • Compact system, reduced footprint

  • Several arrangements: vertical, horizontal, in pipe

  • Easy operation

  • No risk of clogging

  • Minimum maintenance

  • Long lifetime

The system includes 3 elements:

  • a venturi injector or mixing tube

  • a motive water pump

  • a radial diffuser (including a mounting ring for installation)

radial diffuser in use
injector or mixing tube

Radial Diffusers – Models

radial diffuser models

9 Models

Material: Stainless steel 316L or duplex SS if required

Radial Diffusers – Vertical Type (RD-V)

radial diffusers vertical type flow diagram

Radial Diffusers – Horizontal Type (RD-H)

radial diffusers horizontal type flow diagram

Radial Diffusers – In Pipe Type (RD-VP)

radial diffusers in pipe flow diagram

Design of
Radial Diffuser (RD)


  • Min and Max gas flowrate

  • Ozone concentration

  • Gas and water temperature

  • Contact chamber dimensions

  • Water level

  • Inlet pressure of injector (OGU design)

  • Motive water flowrate

  • Injector / diffuser layout

  • RD model

  • Gap length

  • Immersion depth

  • Injector discharge pressure (outlet)


Design of


  • Min and Max gas flowrate

  • Injector suction pressure (gas inlet)

  • Motive water flowrate

  • Injector discharge pressure (outlet)

  • Gas composition and temperature

  • Motive pressure determined by the injector supplier


Design of
Motive Water Pump


  • Motive water flowrate

  • Motive pressure needed at injector inlet and Piping headloss

  • Location of pump


Radial Diffuser System Design Parameters

design parameters radial diffusers

What about the mixing tube?

  • Mixing tube is a pipe with several small holes to bring ozone in motive water

  • Used to replace venturi injector (lower cost)

  • Pressure difference between inlet and outlet mixing tube should be ≥ 0.2 bar

  • That way, the gas is going in the motive water flow.

mixing tube diagram

Brave thinking.

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