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Transfer Efficiency

Focus on.


  • The gas transfer into water depends on an interaction between the gas diffusion system, the reaction system and the fluid to be treated.

  • The target of any ozone diffusion system is to dissolve as much ozone in the water phase as possible

  • Ozone which is not dissolved in water cannot react with water impurities, hence it is wasted ozone... wasted OPEX!

  • The key parameter for designing a diffusion system is the Transfer Efficiency

Complex Topic

  • Depending on type of diffusion system: porous, radial, in tank, in pipe…

  • Depending on the affinity of ozone with the matrix to treat

  • Most of time complex matrix including different compounds with different reaction-rate constant

  • Depending on physical parameters:

  • Temperature, water level, pressure, O3 concentration, ratio G/L…

  • Depending on chemical conditions:

  • pH, salinity, scavenger, components, reaction kinetics

Definition of Transfer (DE)

definition of transfer efficiency

Brave thinking.

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