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Ozone, Brexit, BPR and REACH

Updated: May 31

Like it or loathe it, Brexit has become a reality and the UK has left the European Union.

Subsequently, in one way or another, the Brexit process has affected us all. But did you know that even the generation and use of Ozone has also been impacted by Brexit?

Two major pieces of legislation, REACH and the Biocide Products Regulation (BPR), are both applicable to ozone applications in the EU depending on its ultimate treatment use

  • BPR applies where ozone’s function is disinfection (i.e. action on organisms)

  • REACH applies where ozone’s function is oxidation or any other chemical effect.

Following BREXIT, the UK’s application of these regulations will closely follow the EU model, with administration by HSE.

Because Ozone is not an EU approved active substance, an application for UK-BPR Approval and Authorization must be made, with the deadline for notifications being the end of June 2021. Ozone is however a registered substance under the EU REACH system, and is subsequently compliant with UK REACH upon transferring the existing EU REACH lead dossier into the UK REACH system.

It is still unclear how the HSE will apply either or both BPR and REACH in relation to the use of Ozone in the UK, but action needs to be taken now.

Curio Group, in conjunction with its channel partner Veolia, have reached agreement with the lead EU applicant (EurO3zon) to facilitate the submission of the necessary documentation to HSE to ensure that the BPR and REACH deadlines have been met. But the hard work does not end there. In consultation with our network of UK water and industrial contacts we will continue to support this extensive approval process to ensure that all Ozone end users can maintain compliance.

It is essential that agreement is reached as soon as possible with HSE in order to clarify the way forward for everyone and Curio will be with you every step of the way.

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